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...::: Anyssia :::...

Reading, Writing, Procrastinating

16 January 1986


A few things about me: I am Anyssia, 20+ years old and French ^^ I live in France, surrounded by mountains and about two hours from Switzerland, Italie and a bit farther, Germany and a whole bunch of lovely countries.

I like purple, snow, warm weather but not too warm, mint, chai tea and long hair. (it's about as random as it can get xD)
But I especially love reading (mostly fanfics this last decade), writing (when I'm not procrastinating), slash, het, femslash and above all, reading again ;p
I read a lot. At the very least, three hours per day but I have been known to read for 7/10 hours and more on my days off. I get distracted easily when writing, which explains why I take so long to publish any new chapter but that fanfic was calling to me, honest! :D

As I said, I'm French, but I only write in English. I was thrown in the English side of fandom because of and because of Harry Potter translations of fanfics that were works in progress in French but not in English. That was more than a decade ago. So yeah, the last time I tried writing a fic in French, you can imagine how well that went. All my ideas came to me in English as well as my vocabulary. Plus, it was a FFVII fanfic and I realized about 3 chapters in the story that the French fandom was dead T.T So I switched to the Dark Side! \O/ ^^

Last but not least, I love making new friends, so you can add me too your circle, no problem! ^^ You can also comment, I don't bite ;p and I'll be more than happy to answer you! :D

I squee like a rabid fangirl over...
... mainly:
BBC Sherlock
The Social Network
Final Fantasy VII
Kingdom Hearts
Harry Potter
Buffy, the Vampire Slayer
Stargate Atlantis

... but also in smaller doses:
Stargate SG1
Good Omens
Due South
The Sentinel
Magnificent Seven
My favorite pairings are:
Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, Mycroft/Lestrade and Mycroft/Anthea (BBC verse)
Mark/Eduardo and some Chris/Dustin
any combination of Cloud, Zack, Sephiroth and Aeris (as OTP, OT3, OT4)
Riku/Sephiroth, Riku/Sephiroth/Zack, Riku/Sephiroth/Cloud, Riku/Cloud, you see the pattern ;)
Dean/Castiel, Dean/Sam, Dean/Castiel/Sam
Fraser/RayK and/or RayV

This Livejournal is merely a mirror/backup of my Dreamwidth journal. I post here using the Dreamwidth's crosspost feature. But my DW account is still the main journal, which means that any link to my fanfics or other posts will send you to my Dreamwidth account. You won't find my fics here (try DW or AO3 for them).
Consequently, I'd like it if you could comment over at my DW account instead of on LJ. But I won't force you to :)

Anyssia @DW: Map/Master Lists - Tags (where I am all the time)
Anyssia @Pinboard (where I bookmark every single fic I read)
Anyssia @AO3 (my fic archive)

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